Restaurants & Bars

Cocktails, appetizers, hot infusions and drinks: this is what you need to savor the magical atmosphere of the Bucaneve Hotel.

We have thought of welcoming spaces where you can unwind after a long day of skiing: the right cocktailor aperitif before dinner, a selection of Gourmet dishes based on genuine and refined ingredients. And finally, arelaxing after-dinner with the right drink and good music to crown a perfect day at the Bucaneve Hotel.

Come and discover our spaces, where you will appreciate our hospitality, the tasty menu and all our services!

Our Restaurants


Bucaneve Restaurant

Warm and welcoming, the "Bucaneve Restaurant" represents the perfect synthesis of the welcoming spirit of the Hotel Bucaneve.

The wooden furniture, the elegant tablecloths, the placing of the tables, which guarantees privacy, make the "Bucaneve Restaurant" the ideal place for a dinner as a couple or in a group.

The highly qualified kitchen staff is able to satisfy the most demanding customers, preparing dishes ranging from international cuisine to the most sincere and genuine tradition of Italian Cuisine.

This is thanks to the continuous search for niche products and innovative cooking methods, accompanying everything with wines from our cellar.

The dining room staff, coordinated by our Maitre, relies on all their professionalism in serving and assisting guests, providing them with a quality service, up to expectations.



Private Room from 2 to 6 people





Our Bar, reserved for our customers, is open from 2.00 pm to 11.00 pm, with room service on request.

Interesting cocktails, tasty appetizers prepared by the Barman, who will also recommend the right infusion for you.