150th Anniversary of the Conquest Matterhorn 2015

The year 2015 will be very important for Cervinia and for the whole of Valle d’Aosta. This year it will be the 150th Anniversary of the ‘Conquest of the Matterhorn’...

...by English mountaineer Edward Whimper by the Swiss face, and by the Alpine Guide Jean Antoine Carrel by the Italian face.

The conquest of the Matterhorn was, for its time, an extraordinary achievement because someone finally managed, after innumerable and repeated attempts, to climb a mountain which prior to that time had been deemed completely out of reach in all its regal majesty. The two events happened just three days apart: the first on 14th July and the second on 17th July 1865. This ascent can be considered the first great tragedy of modern mountaineering. During the ascent of the Whimper party, all four mountaineers on the climb fell around a thousand metres down the north face, and all met their deaths.

In Cervinia, as in Zermatt on the Swiss side, the programme of celebrations and festivities is considerable and varied: “Matterhorn 2015”, this is the name that has been chosen for this occasion, the mountain itself will be the star of celebrations. Exhibitions will highlight the history and personalities which, over the past 150 years, have all enhanced the strength, the charm and fascination of this ‘Noble Cliff’, unique in all the world. It will be a year of celebrations and nostalgia centred around the mountain and the big names linked to it, whose achievements have contributed to both the creation and immortalization of the legendary myth of the ‘Gran Becca’ - the Valdotains’ name for the mountain.