Relax and tone the facial skin with a facial treatment Face Treatments

This is the right moment to pamper your face skin after a demanding day with intense sun and wind!

SPA Face Massage for Dry and Sensitive Skin
Unique treatment that nourishes your skin with apricot oils that have a soothing effect and at the same time enhanceskin elasticity. An innovative technique for a perfectly even, smooth, silky skin.
50 min. € 75,00

SPA Face Massage for Oily and Combination Skin
This anti-stress treatment friggers an effective cellular repair and renewal process. Its powerfulaction comes from a sour cherry extract having strong antioxidant and purifying effects...., regenering and restoring the equilibrium of the skin's hydrolipid layer. The outcome is: deep cleasing, visible attenuation of stress signs, regenerated skin.
50 minuti € 75,00

SPA Face Treatment with Alpine Orchid - Anti Aging
The intensive treatment using an Alpine orchid extract has a powerful invigorating anti-pollution, reparative and nourishing action. that strengthensthe skin's barrier function and protects it against all aging factors. The most effective response to the aggression of time. It enhances and preserves the vitality and texture of your skin.
50 min. € 75,00

Ritual Express Facial Treatment
A treatment for all ages both male and female skins, restores nourishment and freshness to the face by applying a specific mask (honey-apricot-antiaging-lifting, ect.)
25 min. € 40,00

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