Find your inner balance with a Classic and Traditional Massage Classic Massages

From Antistress massage to Draining to Regenerating one: all different massages to help balance your body.

Antistress Massage
A relaxing massage and balancing that, through specific movements on the points where they accumulate the most stress, relieves stiffness and gives new energy.
60 min € 90,00       45 min € 75,00
25 min € 45,00       20 min € 40,00(foot massage)

Sports and Regenerating Massage
The massage will be intense and energise, soothing muscles and  relieving stiffness after a working or sporting day.
45 min € 75,00
25 min € 45,00

Modeling Massage Legs and Abdominal
A treatment delivered with professional skill and high-performance products, with the aim of regenerating and smoothing the skin, giving intense tone to tissues, dissolving stress, reactivating and harmonizing energies.
45 min € 75,00 
25 min (legs only) €45,00

Limphatic Drainage Massage.
Whit gentle and rhythmic manoeuvers this treatment/massage stimulates the reabsorption of liquids promoting the elimination of metabolic wastes. Suitable for those who have problems with localized or widespread swelling.
60 min € 90,00 

Classic Massages